10 Patients In Bauchi Isolation Centre Overdose On Vitamin C

Bauchi Governor Bala Mohammed
Bauchi Governor Bala Mohammed

No fewer than ten COVID-19 patients in isolation centres in Bauchi have overdosed on Vitamin C, Rilwan Muhammed, chairman of Bauchi State Primary Healthcare Development Agency (BSPHCDA), says.

According to Muhammed, while speaking to journalists on Sunday, an overdose of vitamin C may result in undesirable health conditions such as gall bladder stone, kidney stones and pelvic ulcer.

”You know vitamin C is good for the body but its important people should take it moderately, at least only one in a day,” he said.

“But unfortunately some of our patients are taking double or triple dose in a day and one of the side effects of this drug is that it causes pelvic ulcer, which will create other problems for them.

“About 10 of our patients were discovered to have taken the overdose of these drugs. The overdose also causes gall bladder stone and kidney stones.”

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Mohammed, who is also the chairman of the contact-tracing committee of the COVID-19 state task force, said four COVID-19 patients who practised “steaming” as treatment ended up developing hypertension.

Patients were therefore advised to desist from self-medication and to take drugs essentially on doctor’s prescription.