China’s Wuhan To Test All 11 Million Residents In 10 Days After New Infections

Coronavirus injection
Coronavirus injection

All 11 million residents of Wuhan, China to be tested for the coronavirus within 10 days after a handful of fresh infections were found there, according to authorities.

The novel disease had broken out in Wuhan in December 2019, and China, had put a large number of its citizens under lockdown by the end of January and later eased the restrictions, having achieved significant progress in April 2020.

However, District health commissions and neighborhood committees in the city of Wuhan have been told to develop a plan to test all residents of COVID-19 in their jurisdictions, local media reports said.

The testing officials say should focus on the elderly, densely populated areas and places with mobile populations.

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A cluster of six new cases was recently found in one part of the city, the first local infections the government has reported in Wuhan since before the lockdown was eased in early April.

It wasn’t clear how many people would actually still need to be tested, as one expert at Wuhan University told the Global Times newspaper that up to 5 million residents of Wuhan have already been tested since the outbreak began.


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