I Do Not Like Working In Groups – Antolecky Shares How Her Sports Career Started


Nigerian reality TV star and model Antolecky has shared how her career in sports and entertainment.

Anto in her lengthy post on social media also affirmed that an incident during her growing up years confirmed to her that she does not like working in groups.

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My sports career started my first year of High school when I joined the Cross Country Team. I was so fit back then running hills for miles, now all I do is eat and sleep 😩. I was the Jersey City Freshman Cross Country Champion that year (thankful @fellykellyjelly didn’t compete in that race 😂).

”The following year I ran indoor and outdoor track and this reminded me that I don’t like working in groups! I was on the 4×4 team and ran anchor and always had to pick up for the people who ran slowly before me 😑. The following year, I realized I wanted to learn more about sports administration so I began shadowing the Athletic Director and managed the girls and boys basketball teams.

”I went to THE @uncchapelhill where I still thought I was going to become a cardiovascular surgeon but after bombing Biology and Physics, I had a rethink and made the best decision ever, to switch courses from Applied Sciences to Exercise and Sport Science (still did science in case I still wanted to do surgery). And what better school to learn about sports then the school @jumpman23 went to!

”I then went to @ucf.edu and graduated a Masters in Business Admin and Masters in Sport Biz Mgmt. While in school, I worked with @turnersportspr and @orlandomagic. After graduation, I worked for a marketing agency on the @gatorade youth experiential account. Then somehow I came to Nigeria to complete my Youth Service. Ended up serving in a sports and entertainment company in ‘Lere. That was an experience, such an experience that made me run out of the country a week after POP 🤣

”But something kept telling me I didn’t “complete my mission” so somehow I came back to be Head of Operations of the African/Continental Basketball League, first private basketball league in Africa. While there, a sports apparel company was launched as well. Then I decided it was my time to make greater impact in the world, and I chose to go on a reality show 😭🤣🤣 Few days ago, I joined a webinar hosted by the Ministry of Youth and Sports (I ‘saw’ @drsid and @soweesy78 there too 💪🏾). Can’t wait until the day that all Nigerians would be proud of its sports industry. That’s the day our patriotism will be known around the world 🏆”