I Ended My Relationship Because My Boyfriend Hid My Glasses – Nigerian Lady


A Nigerian lady on Twitter, Nenye, has gotten many talking after she took to social media platform to reveal why she ended one of her relationships.

According to her, the guy hid her glasses for a whole day as a prank knowing fully well that she could barely see without it. She said she smashed his TV and the relationship ended that day.

She tweeted;

I once dated someone that hid my glasses for the whole day as a prank.
I spent all day unproductive and he only brought it out coz I was crying. Safe to say, the relationship ended that day.
It’s wicked, it’s stupid.

”See, I was crying that day, I couldn’t even look for it coz I won’t see. I couldn’t watch tv, I couldn’t read, I had migraines, it triggered my anxiety

”It’s fine. I lifted his tv and smashed it.

”Let me tell you what’s even funny, last year or 2018 when he texted me, he said his favorite memory of me is when I was looking for my glasses.
A psycho