Ize-Iyamu: Those Who Brought Obaseki From Nowhere Have The Right To Look Elsewhere

Ize Iyamu
Ize Iyamu

Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu, the governorship aspirant of the All Progressive Congress(APC) in Edo state says the national chairman of the party, Adams Oshiomhole does not belong to any faction in the party.

He further added that it will be wrong for anybody to assume the party leaders who do not want Obaseki back are responsible to Oshiomhole, adding that these same party leaders brought Obaseki out of nowhere to be governor and also have the right to look elsewhere if they feel unsatisfied with him.

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He made these remarks while speaking on Channels television during a live program tagged ‘politics today’.


“Oshiomhole is not in any faction, Oshiomhole as at today remains the national chairman of the APC. So if the governor has problems with him, that does not mean that those who respect his position as the national chairman belongs to a faction led by him,” he said.

“Yes, Godwin Obaseki, the governor of the state, wants to come back as governor. And yes, a lot of the leaders of the APC in the state do not agree with that but that does not mean that those who do not agree with him belong to a faction led by the national chairman.

“It is the governor who has said hos second term is non-negotiable, I am surprised because he is now bringing God into it because a man who says my second term is non-negotiable is telling you that even God cannot interfere, that is second term is beyond God, it is beyond party and nobody can say anything about it and maybe they are that’s the crux of the problem because he believes he has come to a position where nobody can even suggest to him that he cannot come back but it doesn’t work in Edo state and the party that put him there has a right to determine who will go there again and the exercise must be a transparent one.

“So, the so-called suggestion that the president said that they have the right of first refusal is false, there is no such statement, please.

“One thing I find wrong is trying to bring in the national chairman into it because of the leaders we have in Edo state are leaders who are strong in their own right and if they believe that the governorship of the party cannot be the birthright of the incumbent governor, it will be very wrong for anybody to suggest that they are doing belong to Adam’s Oshiomole’s faction. They brought him from nowhere before so they have a right to say that they want to look elsewhere.”

Earlier, Ize-Iyamu had told reporters that it was better for the party to change administration in Edo than lose the election.

“We mean well for our state. We are not looking for positions simply because we need to look for something to occupy us,” he said.

“Even though what we have now is an APC administration, we are not too happy with the pace of development.

“We are not happy with the rancour. We are not happy with the divisions. We are not happy with the insecurity and that cannot augur well for development. That was why we said our party cannot be changed, that it is better to change the incumbent and ensure that our party remains in office.”


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