Lagos Approves Increase In Passenger Carriage For BRT Buses

BRT bus

While Lagosians are still gasping with the increase in fares for the popular Bus Rapid Transport(BRT) scheme in the state, they have been dealt another blow as the state government has approved that the buses can now carry 42 passengers seat and no standing, Lagos State Government announced on Thursday.

The announcement supercedes an earlier order which allows the buses to convey only 21 passengers.

Managing Director of the Lagos Metropolitan Area Transport Authority (LAMATA), Mrs. Abimbola Akinajo, while making the announcement added that operators must ensure that passengers wear face masks at all times, sanitise their hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or wash with soap under running water before and after each trip.

Besides, she said passengers’ temperature must be taken before being allowed to board.

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Also, the buses have been forbidden to carry standing passengers.