Man Kills Wife With Cobra, After Failing With Viper

The police in the southern state of Kerala, India have arrested a 27-year-old man identified simply as “Sooraj”  allegedly murdering his wife by letting loose a cobra in her room after first failing to kill her with a viper.

According to reports, the man was arrested after phone records showed that he has been in contact with snake providers few days before his wife was attacked by the snake in their residence.

The police investigator also said he had planned to take away her money, gold, and marry someone else.

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Police said the marriage had involved a huge dowry comprising nearly 100 gold coins, a new car and some 500,000 rupees (around $20,000) in cash.

“Sooraj feared that divorcing Uthra would mean giving back all the dowry. That’s when he decided to kill her,” the police statement said.

The snake provider was also arrested, it added.

Also, it was revealed that the late wife has earlier survived an attack from a viper in her husband’s house in the past.