Moyo Lawal Calls Out Belinda Effah Over Her Comment On Women Going Naked

Moyo Lawal
Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal has slammed a fellow actress Belinda Efah out after the latter asked why women hate themselves so much to be dancing naked.

Not on board with this, Moyo took her time to school Effah writing;

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Uuuum…. Belinda I commented that no one forced them….. Hate themselves?? So dancing is a sin, some of this women you see dance don’t do anything … But u see the ones that don’t nothing on line……… ….. T

”hose are the ones who do worse…. We are not talking drugs, prostitution or even abusive marriages here, that’s a totally different ballgame hun…… …. If I told you, some strippers are more decent than ladies who are always covered up, would that shock you??….. …… I think upbringing matters a lot, just because I see some people drinking, smoking all the time does that mean I should go and join them??

”If I join them will I be blaming the smokers or drinkers?? No my love, they didn’t force me……… …. Bring up a child properly so peerpressure won’t allow them do things that ** might not neccesarily be bad**….. ……. abi will you say people stealing right now are right?? Because the government refused to give them food?? So the government enabled and encouraged stealing???”

She continued writing;

Also which one is insecurity and crying yourself to sleep because of normal life….. 😂😂Belinda because of people dancing?

”I haven’t been on any live since the beginning of this quarantine, so I can’t really say….. ….. But I can assure you, its not that deep jare”