Nigerians Will Always Be Ahead Of Ghanaians – Archipalago

Ghanaian singer, Archipalago
Ghanaian singer, Archipalago

A Ghanaian artiste, Archipalago has urged to his colleagues to embrace unity and stop making comparisons in order for the Ghana music industry to move forward.

He made the call in reaction to the news that Nigerian artiste, Davido had a soon-to-be-released track with American rapper, Nicki Minaj.

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In a series of tweets, the singer asked his colleagues to stop fighting over petty issues and support one another.

He wrote: “Comparing Ghanaian music to Nigeria music will make Ghana music always dey slack!!!.. We should focus on what we have and show the world what we got not comparisons!!!

“Ghanaian Music who is gonna show us to the world as these Nigerians dey do! Not making comparisons tho but are we ready!!! Y’all gotta count on me then! Time will definitely tell!

“Until a Ghanaian artiste is signed to a major record label!! You laymen of music and showbiz as a whole should stop comparing Ghanaian artiste to Nigerians!

“Who’s Ghana’s topmost artiste?? Is he signed to a major label! Until Then you laymen of music should stop the comparisons

“When Ghanaian artistes are fighting over who got a swimming pool in their house how do you expect him to attract a major label to achieve the success of that of Nigerian artiste he has dreamt of!

“Nigerians will always be ahead of Ghanaians if we don’t stop hating each other and get happy for another man’s success.”