Nollywood Actress Lists How Men Can Win Her Heart

Gloria Okafor
Gloria Okafor

Nollywood actress Gloria Okafor has revealed the one thing that can make her fall in love with a man.

In an interview with Saturday Sun, Gloria stated that the man must have the fear of God in him.

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See excerpt from the interview below;

Are you in a relationship?

I wouldn’t want to talk about that. It’s my private life, please.

Who is the lucky man?

It is not for public consumption.

Would you be a baby mama?

No, I wouldn’t. Most women who are baby mamas didn’t pray to be one. It’s every woman’s dream and desire to have a home of her own. However, being a baby mama is a matter of choice.

Can you marry an older man?

No, I can’t. It’s my desire to marry a man of my age, so we can rock life together and see our children grow with us.

What will make you fall in love with a man?

There are basic things that will make me fall in love with a man. First, a man must have the fear of God, because with that he will be disciplined. There are things a carnal man will do that he won’t do. Second, a man must have understanding; he must be loving, caring, neat, and above all, supportive. For instance, my choice of career, not everyman will like a woman who is into entertainment for reason best known to them. But if you have a man who is supportive and understanding, he will help you build your career, and be with you all the way.


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