PDP Warns Against Plot To Foist Emergency Rule In Rivers State

PDP Flags
PDP Flags

The people Democratic Party(PDP) has released a statement claiming that some top politicians working for the All Progressive Congress(APC) plan to foist an emergency rule in Rivers state.

This was made known via a statement on the official Twitter handle of the party on Wednesday, 20th May.

“The PDP has warned against the exposed plots by certain unpatriotic and disgruntled individuals, working for the APC to orchestrate a security situation and push for the imposition of a state of emergency in Rivers State.

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“The party said it has been informed of plots by such power-hungry politicians to sponsor their misguided youth to unleash violence and unrest in certain parts of the state to create an impression of security breakdown so as to validate their plot for the imposition of emergency rule in the state.

“The PDP said such anti-people elements include some individuals who were rejected by the people of Rivers State in the 2019 governorship election, as well as their godfathers, who believe they have the backing of power mongers at the federal level, and now seek to manipulate situations with the COVID-19 pandemic to cause confusion and push their plot to take over the governance of the state through the back door.

“It is clear that the actions of the Government of Rivers State under Governor @GovWike in protecting the state against the spread of COVID-19 in the state are targeted at nothing but to protect lives, and such have continued to yield very positive results.

“Nigerians are also not unaware of the politicization of the fight against COVID-19 by the agents of the Federal Government, who appeared uncomfortable with the management of the pandemic by Rivers State government and other states just because they are controlled by PDP governors

“It is instructive for those power mongers to note that this is a time of global pandemic when our country needs her unity.

“Our party, therefore, warns those seeking to cause confusion and disaffection to steer clear of Rivers state as they will be firmly resisted.

“More so, our nation is a democracy and as such, it is guided by rules.

“The PDP however calls on the people of Rivers state to remain calm, alert and united in resisting all attempts by such agents of violence who are seeking to cause trouble in the state.”



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