Reasons For The Popularity Of The TikTok Social Network

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat-all these giants lost in 2018 in terms of the number of downloads of the social network TikTok. As a result, TikTok became the fourth most popular among all non-gaming applications. The average daily audience of the social network is approaching one million. The reason for popularity lies in the ease of use, interesting format, and the ability to quickly create high-quality content.

Reasons For The Popularity Of The TikTok Social Network


  1. Features of creating and consuming content
  2. Content creation
  3. Content consumption
  4. What helped TikTok become such a popular social network
  5. High-quality recommendation algorithm
  6. Accessibility for everyone
  7. Conclusion

Features of creating and consuming content

At the beginning of using TikTok reminds stories in Instagram, the entire feed consists of small videos lasting 15 seconds, which are created with an abundance of various effects. Gradually, it becomes clear that the social network has a lot of original chips, which cause great interest from users.

Content creation

The activity of users when creating their own content is the key to the existence of a social network. Initially, a large part of the tape consisted of a video where teenagers were making faces and imitated the singing or dancing to someone else’s music. Now the content has become much more diverse, and the following types of videos are popular:

Gift Cards
  • vines (small humorous sketches);
  • challenges (repetition of certain actions by the channel’s author);
  • duets (joint creativity, the screen is divided in half, one user complements the actions of another user);
  • reactions (responses to videos with a positive or negative message).

An important step of TikTok was a significant simplification for authors, the social network does not require the creation of unique content. It encourages users to repeat actions, to follow trends, this is the secret of popularity. People can keep track of what is trending via the “Recommendations” repetition of another’s actions will help to push the movie. This leads to the creation of hundreds of similar videos, each of which is interesting to watch.

Reasons For The Popularity Of The TikTok Social Network

For the social network TikTok cheating becomes a significant tool for promoting your creativity. It helps you get into the “Recommendations”, so the video is seen by a larger number of users. In addition, you can buy TikTok views via the ALL-SMM service plays an important role in the promotion of the profile.

To become a popular author, you should also improve the quality of content. To do this, TikTok has many features: spectacular filters, masks, and a large catalog of music. Creating an interesting video does not require exorbitant effort.

Content consumption

You can switch clips in the feed by swiping the screen up or down. Most often, users view videos of those authors that they have subscribed to. But how to get more followers on TikTok? This suggests that cheating subscribers on TikTok can seriously contribute to the development of the profile.

The entertainment nature of the social network attracts users. Videos 15 seconds long are sharpened to cause bright flashes of positive emotions. Users are not required to focus their attention or be able to think about some complex things.

The TikTok social network is designed for smartphones, so it only uses the vertical video format. It became the first social network where this format really became an incentive to success, previous attempts ended in failure.

What helped TikTok become such a popular social network

Certain features of TikTok are implemented to a greater or lesser extent in other social networks. In the same stories on Instagram, you can find similar content. High popularity helped to achieve that TikTok is not necessary to mount the rollers with the songs separately, everything can be done in the internal editor. There are also several features that make the use of TikTok as pleasant and convenient as possible, this applies to recommendations and the audience.

High-quality recommendation algorithm

TikTok social network quickly begins to “understand” what a particular user likes to watch. Just put a few likes, make a couple of subscriptions, view videos on individual hashtags, and you will already be recommended what you will definitely like. At first, the recommendation algorithm may make small errors, but soon it begins to work extremely accurately.

Correct recommendations increase the level of user engagement. If you compare posts on TikTok and Instagram with the same number of views, then the post on TikTok will have 4 times more likes. This indicates that the video is really interesting when it hits the recommendations, and users don’t waste it.

Accessibility for everyone

Everyone can get a high level of popularity on TikTok without having a special attractive appearance and a lot of money. We can say that the social network itself is becoming popular due to its popular character. On TikTok, it is difficult to find videos with glamorous retouching and complex editing.

Videos for this social network are shot in a variety of places. You can get a large number of likes and views by making content on the background of grandma’s carpet. Many authors shoot works in the yard, entrance, toilet, and other places that do not differ in attractive appearance.

Authors on TikTok can gather a large audience in a short period of time. Students get the opportunity to become popular bloggers, just fooling around between classes. The format itself makes it easy to create content. In 15 seconds, you can easily do something funny and fun, and entertainment content will always have the widest demand.

The popularity of TikTok has already concerned the owners of large social networks, where the outflow of users is coming from. Made in China, the app was able to embody the optimal set of features for entertainment content, there is nothing superfluous in it.


Although more than a third of TikTok users are under 18, the percentage of adult audience is constantly growing. The popularity of the social network is based on the fact that entertainment content itself is in high demand. There is no place for seriousness on TikTok, there is a pleasant and fun atmosphere that is pleasant for people of all ages.


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