Ruggedman Shares His Experience With A Lady Who Farted In Public


Popular Nigerian singer, Ruggedman has shared the hilarious story of a lady who farted right in his presence while they were on a queue in a supermarket.

According to the singer, while he was about to utter a word, the lady said if he heard the fart then he didn’t keep social distancing as required.

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Also, he said thee lady pointed out that if he smells the fart then his facemask isn’t working properly.

He wrote:

*I was in queue at the supermarket when a lady in front farted💭 , I got upset but before I could say something, she turned around and said, “If you heard that, then you are not keeping your distance, 🧍🏼⬅️➡️🧍🏼If you smelled it, then your face mask isn’t helping you at all. ‘😷


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