Show Us How Your Cure Is Scientifically Okay – Daddy Freeze Replies Madagascar President

Daddy Freeze
Daddy Freeze

Nigerian media personality Daddy Freeze has replied to the president of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina, who stated that their cure for the COVID 19 is being downplayed and scorned because it is from Africa.

Madagascar revealed to the world that they have created a herb-like cure for the virus and have cured so many people with the virus in the country but still they are being scorned.

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Responding to this, Freeez said;

Baba show working for your remedy and stop playing the pity card.

”Where is the result of your peer testing and review in a controlled environment???

”How did you arrive at this remedy in such a short timeframe?

”Answer these questions scientifically and no one can scorn you! ~FRZ”