We Should All Make Out Time To Goof Around With Our Kids – Victoria Inyama To Parents

Victoria Inyama
Victoria Inyama

Nollywood actress and single mom Victoria Inyama has taken to her IG page to share her thoughts on parenting.

Listing the types of parents there are, the actress added that in all of this, parents should always make out time to goof around with their kids.

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Parents who Control
Parents who Empower
C….Often criticising, nags, makes comparisons between siblings..
E…Focus on what the child does well, positive attitude to their efforts……
C….Hard to please Parents, nothing is ever good enough……
E..Has reasonable expectations of the child, enjoys & encourages their successes, offers positive, non critical advice….
We should all make out time to goof around with the kids…
Play time is Priceless 💚🧡💜💛💙❤.. Mother’s Body dey try. Kisses to All Women and ….. Men😅”



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