What Will Make Me Marry A Man – Actress Sylvia Edem

Sylvia Edem

Actress Sylvia Edem has opened up about her thoughts on marriage and the only reason she can marry a man.

The Nollywood producer, in an interview with Saturday Sun urged women, most especially, her colleagues to desist from involving third parties in their marriages.

She said: “This is for all the married couples out there; always sort out the differences between each other without a third-party, because third parties destroy homes. For me, I can only marry a man I love, not because of his wealth or size of manhood. Because after five years in marriage and those things are no longer there, it means I won’t be there for my husband. But if it was for love, I will stick to him through all circumstances.”

She continued saying;

“I will advice entertainers to look for other means of businesses rather than depending solely on entertainment, in case what is going on in the country arises again,” she noted.


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