5-Year-Old Girl Raped, Killed By Her Cousin (Photo)

The little girl and her cousin
The little girl and her cousin

A 5-year-old girl, Kadijah M. Saccoh has passed away after she and her sister
were raped by their cousin.

It was gathered that the girls were living with their aunt and her son in her home in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

According to reports, Kadijah’s parents were separated and living apart.

However, the father of the girls, Congolese Saccoh, who is based in the U.S., had been trying to take Kadijah along with him but couldn’t because a Judge prevented him from doing so as the mother was not in support.

Kadijah and her sister remained with their aunt, who is their mum’s elder sister.

The aunt’s son began raping Kadijah, aged 5 and her elder sister, aged 8.

Reports claim that when the aunt found out her son had raped Kadijah’s elder sister, she didn’t inform the children’s parents and treated the girl herself.

Her son later raped Kadijah and she kept it as a secret.

Unfortunately, the little girl died after the aunt treated her.

The aunt attempted to bury the little girl in haste so she told her father’s family about her death to seek permission.

The father insisted that he wanted to know the cause of death and urged his family to take the corpse for a postmortem.

The postmortem result revealed that the girl had been defiled and raped multiple times.

The father then asked that his older daughter be taken for a test and it showed that she had been raped too.

The aunt and her son
The aunt and her son

The father of the young girl called for justice and both the aunt and her son have both been arrested.

Netizens are seeking justice for Kadijah with the hashtags #JusticeForKadijahSaccoh and #JusticeForKadijah.

On Monday, June 22, celebrities in the country took to the streets to demand justice for the victim and her sister.

People demanding for justice
People demanding for justice

Demanding justice, Women in the Media Sierra Leone wrote in a press release;

“As a female media organization we are deeply saddened and we therefore condemn this act.
We are calling on all authorities concerned to speedily launch an investigation into the matter and ensure the perpetrator(s) is brought to justice.”

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