APC Becoming A Threat To Buhari – Oyegun

President Buhari
President Buhari

A former national chairman of the ruling All Progressive Congress(APC), John Odigie-Oyegun has lamented that the party is fast becoming the single most dangerous threat to the legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking via a statement on Sunday, he added that a government’s performance is not only judged by its infrastructural development but also by its politics.

He said, “Our own political party, the APC, is fast becoming the single most dangerous threat to the legacy of our government and our President.

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“In the last few months, we have watched how the party has brazenly subverted its own principles of internal democracy and flagrant violation of every rule of decent political engagement in a manner that makes everyone associated with its promise of change liable to be accused of either hypocrisy or apostasy.”

“We believed at the time that the ship of our country was headed for the rocks. Therefore, the significant progressive opposition parties and indeed all men and women of goodwill joined forces, not only to bring it back on course but also to set it on a completely different trajectory that would restore the hopes of our people and make every Nigerian proud of this great country again.”


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