APC Crisis: Governors Present Position To Buhari

President Buhari
President Buhari

Governors under the platform of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) on Monday met with President Muhammadu Buhari over the crisis rocking the party.

Speaking on the outcome of the meeting, Kebbi state governor, Atiku Bagudu disclosed that the governors have presented their positions to Buhari as the leader of the Party.

Conclusively, he revealed that Buhari has assured them that anomaly would soon return to the Party.

He said, “The reason for our visit is to discuss with him as our party leader, as the leader that millions of Nigerians trust, to discuss party issues and the position of the Progressive Governors to support all steps to unify and bring about a peaceful resolution in our party, the All Progressives Congress.

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“Mr President listened attentively and discussed as a father, as a party leader and he gave us all the assurance we needed to know that resolution of contentious issues will soon be arrived at.

“I think our party, the All Progressives Congress is a party that believes in dialogue and contentious issues arise when you are dialoguing and we will recall that because of the sanctity, which President Buhari attaches to constitutionalism, we held our national convention literally at the same time we are holding primaries because Mr. President has always said that we told Nigerians that our party is going to be a party of due process and we will do that no matter the challenge of the moment.

“So, young people express their views by demonstrating, members of the party challenging court processes shows that the people are free to express their views. And dissent is not to be suppressed. What is important is that all will be taken on board in arriving at a conclusion that will be to the satisfaction of most party members and indeed Nigerians.

“At all times Mr. President has shown that he is a democrat, he is not running the party. Yes, he is the party leader, he allows party organs to do and decide what should be done. He is very hesitant to use his standing even as party leader, talk less of his authority as Mr. President of the country to direct things, but at all times, he has been alive to the issue and like I said earlier, I believe with the encouragement he gave us this morning, with the level of details he has about all what is happening and the number of people he has listened to and heard, I believe that whatever needs to be done, including the possibility of calling any organ of the party that is necessary for the resolution of lingering issues, will be done immediately.

“Let me again warn that the party is never a perfect assembly. There will always be issues and that is why we talk, but yes certainly, organs of the party need to meet and Mr. President, without directing, is always supporting the necessity of party organs meeting appropriately,” he said.


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