Highlights of BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Day 11

Seyi Awolowo and Tacha Akide
Reality stars, Seyi Awolowo and Tacha Akide

On BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Day 11, some of the ex-participants, who had unresolved issues while in the House, finally got the chance to reconcile.

Here are some of the highlights of the show;

Common sense is not common – Seyi speaks on his fallout with Tacha

Popular reality star, Seyi Awolowo opened up about how his friendship with colleague, Tacha suddenly turned sour.

Seyi started off saying he honestly doesn’t know how they stopped being friends but Tacha switched up on him, saying he has not achieved what she has achieved at her age.

Tacha, in her defense, said she thinks they had misunderstandings which they sorted it out but then he made some statements and used words like ‘pxta’ which means ‘prostitute’ on her.

The grandson of nationalist, Obafemi Awolowo explained what respect means to him as he went on to say that because she can shout louder than everybody doesn’t mean she correct and common sense is not common.

Seyi said he has buried the hatchet and has nothing more for Tacha while the latter said they are neither enemies nor friends.



Isilomo and avala fight over ‘man’ on BBNaija reunion show

Avala said she felt betrayed that Isilomo didn’t have her back during a particular confrontation with a person and this hurt the latter.

Isilomo explained that she can be a friend without accepting some of the things the person does but it doesn’t make her disloyal and Avala should have let her know if she felt wronged because “they’re adults.”

Avala said being friends with Isilomo is too much work and she can’t do it.

Although, she didn’t go into details on the incident that broke their friendship but when she was pushed by Isilomo, she said it was because of ‘man’.

The singer said that the famous Instablog fight between Ella and Isi was about her but When it comes to man Isilomo.



Diane and Tacha speak on their fight in the House

Tacha said Diane punched her eye but the latter says she did not punch former as she was just warning her

Tacha also implied that Diane was acting cold to her at events outside the house

Diane noted that she thought her and Tacha were cool but the next day, Tacha went to say some stuff about her in Daddy Freeze’s interview.

However, the reality star cum actress said she has moved on.




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