Highlights Of BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion Show (Videos)

Ike and Mercy
BBNAIJA couple, Ike and Mercy

On Monday’s episode of the BBNaija reunion show, Mercy Eke and Ike Onyema spoke about their budding relationship.

Ike said he started getting interested in Mercy in the second week of the show and she had said to him that she is the forbidden fruit and if he tastes her, he’ll die’ and he took that as a challenge.


Mercy said that when she started talking to Ike, she realized he is different from all the men she has met in the past.


Mercy also said Ike is always blocking her on social media because he can’t catch the heat.

According to the former video vixen, she has never ever unfollowed Ike before but he blocks and unblocks whenever they fight.

The BBNaija winner also recounted when she asked him for a break in the relationship and he blocked her.

Ike defended himself if a person irritates him purposely, or try to portray him in a certain way then he’ll unfollow him or her.

Diane chipped in, saying she can’t take sides and she loves both of them but she has a problem with Ike constantly blocking Mercy on social media.

The chef also said Ike needs to understand Mercy better and be calm with her.

Speaking on her failed relationship with Elozonam, Diane admitted that she had feelings for him, but she wasn’t sure about what his motives were.

When asked what happened outside the house, she said Elozonam is not forgiving, and he allowed people mess with his head.

However, she wanted him to choose her like Ike chooses Mercy.


Elozonam said he was having a hard time adjusting in the house because he wasn’t really making friends, but Diane made me feel comfortable.

The reality TV star said he told Diane about his feelings but she said she wasn’t sure about his feelings for her so she said they should see what happens after the show.

In his defense, Diane made him feel like he was the fourth tier and she had other options.

Ebuka asked how actor, Mawuli Gavor affected their relationship and Diane angrily stormed out of the show.

Watch the video below:



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