Man Who Kissed His Baby Sister Apologizes, Says ‘It Won’t Happen Again’

The man and his sister
The man and his sister

The man, who went viral after he kissed a little girl inappropriately, has been identified as Adeyeye Babatunde, a final year student of LASU.

In a new video, Babatunde apologized for his actions, adding that he kissed his sister out of “likeness” that arose from their relationship.

The young man also promised that such act won’t repeat itself as he never knew the video will go viral.

A female in the video, believed to be the little girl’s mother, also added that there’s nothing going on and the man was just “playing” with the child.

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Watch the video below:

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"I just made the video unto likeness, I never knew it will go viral man apologizes for sucking on his sister's lips while kissing her. . . A final year Botany student of LASU named Adeyeye Babatunde has apologized after a viral video showed him sucking on his baby sister's lips while kissing her. . . More than once, Babatunde sucked on the lips of the little girl in a video too inappropriate to share. . . The girl looks no older than 5 and the video sparked outrage as people called him a pedophile. . . He has now apologized and claimed he just French kissed her out of "likeness". He said it won't happen again and begged people to "die it down". . . A female in the video added that there's nothing going on and the man was just "playing" with his kid sister.

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