‘They Consented’ – Man Arrested For Sleeping With Daughters Tells Police

Man Sleeping with daughters
The Suspect, Ayemoba

A 50-year-old father of six, Peter Ayemoba, who began sleeping with his two daughters after his wife passed away in 2013, has said he only did it because his daughters consented to it.

According to TheNation, Ayemoba said he developed feelings for his daughters aged 20 and 22, after his wife’s funeral and started sleeping with them separately on a regular basis. The illicit act lasted for seven years.

Insisting that it was with their consent that the relationship continued even after he took a second wife.

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Speaking to officers, Ayemoba said: “They voluntarily, willingly accepted to be having sex with me any time I demanded it.

“What baffles me is that for the number of years we were having sex, we were happy. Then all of a sudden, they reported the incident to a family member who brought us to where we are (police station).

“I am still surprised at what they did.

“But maybe my cup has filled to the brim, so let the law take its course, I am ready for any eventualities.”


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