Chris Okotie Joins Conspiracy Theorists, Says Bill Gates Leading Agenda To Destabilise The World With Covid-19

Chris Okotie
Chris Okotie

The general overseer and founder of the household of God church, Reverend Chris Okotie has joined the growing list of conspiracy theorists who believe that the COVID-19 pandemic is a scheme aimed at reducing world population.

Speaking via a new video on his YouTube channel, he accused the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates of being behind the scheme.

While he didn’t provide any proof to his claims, he described the pandemic as a “bizarre project” by Gates in association with powerful elements in the multilateral institutions and supported by key leaders to achieve sinister objectives.

He said, “People have asked me if we’re dealing with the number 666; if this is about the antichrist. Is this about you taking that number and the eternal damnation that is the consequence of that?” he said.

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“No. We’re dealing with another number that is the precursor to the number 666. There’s a man who is the protagonist of this whole process that we’re seeing today. His name is Bill Gates.

“The year 2020 was particularly chosen by Satan as the year when he would challenge the authority of the almighty God upon the face of the earth in preparation for the coming of the antichrist.

“How is he going to do it? First, he’s going to get a man who has the pattern and that man is Bill Gates. And then, there will be a conspiracy to bring in a pandemic, sickness.”

To back his claims, the clergyman quoted scriptural excerpts and explained how he thinks the billionaire is involved in Satan’s end-time assault on the church.


  1. What ever agenda they have Jesus Christ is still in charge.He is the only one present every where at the moment He will surely show mercy upon His people. Let us just turn away from our sins There is everlasting joy living permanently in heave with Jesus Christ than wasting our life in hell with satan.