Highlights Of Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Reunion Show: Tacha Denies Attacking Kim Oprah

Tacha and Kim Oprah
Tacha and Kim Oprah

During the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Show aired on Wednesday, Kim Oprah leveled some allegations against co-Star, Tacha.

Kim Oprah recounted how she was bullied and intimated her by the controversial ex-housemates after one of the shows.

The reality star said Tacha allegedly pulled up in a car and she was recording her while bragging about how her confidence had gotten her a new car.

Tacha, however, denied the incident ever occurred.

Interestingly, Omashola and Esther witnessed the incident and they gave their own accounts.

Tacha continued to pretend she had amnesia even after Mercy said she watched the clip of her attack on Kim.

Esther and Frodd
Esther and Frodd

Moving on, former lovebirds, Esther and Frodd recalled their last rift on the show.

Esther pointed out that she didn’t like how Frodd insinuated that she was involved with some people who fund her bougie lifestyle and how a perception like that could ruin her brand.

Frodd defended his actions by hinting on how their relationship had affected his brand negatively.

According to Frodd, people already seen him as someone who acted a fool for the love of Esther and she never came out to clear the air.

The entrepreneur said he actually wanted Esther to make their relationship public but she claimed he never asked her out.

Frodd eventually apologized for his remark.

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Watch the full clip below: