Introducing Nigeria’s First Digital Insurance Product For Students

Undergraduates in Nigeria can testify to the fact that it is no easy job gaining admission into most tertiary institutions in Nigeria. From writing UTME, to post UTME, to having to change your preferred course of study to something totally different; indeed, the struggle is real. 

After surviving all this, nothing should be allowed to hinder the successful completion of your education. 

While there are some factors that can be controlled by being studious and dedicated, unforeseen events like the loss of a parent or sponsor or guardian could happen and hamper the continuation of any student’s education.

For this reason and more, Leadway Assurance, one of Nigeria’s leading insurance companies in 2019 launched Nigeria’s first digital insurance product for students– the Leadway Student Protection Plan (LSPP).

This fully digitized product is specially designed for students in Federal and State-owned higher institutions to protect and guarantee the continuation of their education in the event of loss of a parent or sponsor. For just 1,000 naira per month, the registered student will get the sum of 250,000 naira to cover school fees and other expenses in the event of the loss of a parent or sponsor or guardian.

As a digital insurance product, the entire process is simplified and is strictly carried out online. From registration, premium payment to claims processing, everything can be done online on mobile or desktop devices.

Since its official launch in 2019, thousands of students across Nigeria have already made the smart move by signing up for LSPP to secure their education. If you’re a student yourself, you need to get on the Leadway Student Protection Plan or advise someone to do so if you’re a parent, friend or sponsor of any student in government-owned tertiary institutions.

Interested in signing up for the Leadway Student Protection Plan?

Simply visit to get started or reach out to Leadway Assurance on any of their official social media platforms or via email


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