‘Nobody Can Ban Almajiri’, Says Islamic Cleric

Almajiri Children
Almajiri Children

Dahiru Usman Bauchi, an Islamic cleric, says the ban of Almajiri system by northern governors will not be accepted.

The cleric said this in an interview with The Sun, stressing that those who practice the system have the right to do so under the country’s constitution which gives every citizen the rights to movement and practice of their religions.

“The constitution of the country gives us the freedom to practice our religion the way we want it. Our biggest religion is the Quran. Since the Quran has given them (those in power) laws that they have refused to abide with, what right do they have to give instructions or law to the Quran? Based on that, we will not accept the ban on Almajiri by northern governors,” he said.

“Our right to freedom of worship is being violated. We will not accept violation of our right to go to any part of the country to practice our religion.

“The reason is because there is a government and the government operates by a constitution. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria gives every citizen the right to movement, the right to practice their religion. These students (Almajirai) are Nigerians.

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“Packing our people like animals and moving them from one place to the other, we will not accept. As Nigerians, we have a right to practice our religion. The Quran is the basis of our religion. We will not accept any violation of our rights.

“We will not accept the ban on Almajiri. We have the right to go anywhere in the world to read the Quran.”

According to Bauchi, the governors held no consultation with him before they banned the system.