Soldier Kills Superior Who ‘Refused Him Pass To Go See His Family’

Nigerian Army
Nigerian Military Man

Tragedy struck in Bama, Borno state as a soldier opened fire on his superior for refusing him a pass to visit his family, TheCable reports.

According to the report, the soldier had approached the superior citing that he needs to visit his family over an urgent issue.

The superior, a lieutenant who is the battalion’s adjutant responsible for administrative matters then turned him down and he fired a shot at him, killing him in the process.

A source who spoke with TheCable said,


“The soldier joined the army in the 2016 intake and had since been deployed to fight Boko Haram in the north-east. This time, he had been in duty post for almost 12 months and he wanted that pass by all means.”

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“Normally, you apply for a pass by filling the form and then you submit to the adjutant who is the battalion administrative officer. It is the adjutant that will now make recommendations and forward to the commanding officer for approval.

“The soldier was denied the pass by the adjutant, and that was when he got angry and decided to kill him. He opened 36 rounds on the officer, killing him instantly.”

Another source said the soldier was due for a pass having spent more than the required three months which makes him eligible.

“You can apply for a pass after three months, but the problem we have in this operation is that the superiors will be telling you that we don’t have enough manpower. So, a lot of soldiers are always denied pass,” he said.

He added that the pass is only given when the soldier has to attend to critical matters like loss of parents or loved ones.

When contacted, Sagir Musa, army’s spokesperson, said he would get on the matter and share details at an appropriate time.


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