How to Grow Your Food Instagram

Do you want to know how to become popular on Instagram with a food account? A lot of professional chefs and food enthusiasts love to take photographs of their favorite meal creations and upload them to their Instagram page for the world to see.

You don’t need to be a food celebrity or TV chef to create a popular food-based Instagram account. All you need to be is someone who loves different kinds of foods and doesn’t mind taking photographs of these foods before you eat them. Emphasis on the photography part, though. Because your chances of becoming popular on IG is as dependent on the quality of your photos as it is on the uniqueness of the food you want to post.

If you don’t mind, we even recommend treating your food niche account like a photography account. That way, you’ll always create content that appeal to both the photography and food sense of viewers.

Pro tip: here’s how to grow a photography account on Instagram without stress.

Everyone loves the food niche on Instagram, so it won’t be too difficult to attract a large following to your account after you get it up and running. That is what you will learn how to do now. And these won’t be fake followers either. They will be real Instagram followers that are interested in your niche.

Below are the top eight tips for growing your food-based Instagram account.

1) Make it a Business Page

If you look at the Instagram settings, you will see an option to set your Instagram page to a business page rather than a personal page. The difference is that a business page gives you access to various analytical tools that let you learn more about the demographics of your viewers. You can also see when viewers like to engage with your Instagram posts the most (e.g. time of day).

Why is this important? Simple. If you can learn more about the demographics of your audience, then you can modify your marketing techniques to target them more directly. Perhaps you could make more posts during the peak times of the day when people are on the most. You could even set up a pay-per-click campaign that promotes ads which target your demographic base as well.

2) Consider a Specific Food Category

People love all kinds of foods. However, if you want to target a specific group of food lovers, then you should focus on one particular food category. For instance, you could devote your food account to pizzas and all other Italian foods. If you’re more of a Chinese food enthusiast, then you could make your food account revolve around different Chinese food dishes.

Just make sure you can capture a variety of different foods regularly. People wouldn’t want to keep seeing pictures of cheese pizzas and General Tso chicken all the time. You must put diverse and exciting meals in front of your camera lens. That is how you will grow your food account.

3) Buy Instagram Followers

Your food account won’t get much attention in the beginning because it is still new. One way to speed up its ranking and popularity is to buy Instagram followers. If viewers can see that you have a few hundred followers, then it will give them an incentive to consider following your Instagram account too.

You shouldn’t go overboard and purchase tens of thousands of followers in one order. Try to increase your number of followers gradually, so they look more natural. It will also give you a chance to communicate with your followers on a more personal level. You can do this each time you buy new followers and add them to your account.

4) Schedule Your Photoshoots

Instagram users are expected to use their smartphones or tablets to snap quick photographs and upload them to their accounts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t try to take high-quality pictures. That is why you should schedule some time each day to take photographs of attractive food dishes.

Consider the lighting and angles of your shots. Hopefully, you’ll have a camera on your phone that takes high-resolution photographs. Then all you need to do is set up the environment with lights that shine down on your food, and you’re good to go. Snap a few photographs from multiple angles and upload the best ones to your food account on Instagram.

5) Use a Recipe Book

If you are not a professional cook, then you probably only know a handful of recipes off the top of your head. You’ll need to photograph a lot more than a few finished recipes if you’re going to attract a large following to your food account.

For this reason, a recipe book is an essential item that can help you out. You could purchase a big book of one hundred or one thousand recipes. It all depends on your food niche and how much time you have to prepare new and exciting recipes for the camera.

6) Make Cooking Videos

Do not forget that Instagram allows you to upload videos and photographs. People love to watch videos if they’re informative and entertaining. Once you get better at preparing meals and taking pictures of them, you might want to consider upgrading your content to video. You could create cooking tutorial videos for your followers all those famous food gurus do.

There is a way to upload videos from your personal computer. You might want to consider this route if you prefer to make higher quality video productions of your food tutorials. Otherwise, just purchase a smartphone with a high definition video camera.

7) Simple Editing Only

Instagram food accountholders often make the mistake of thinking they need to do a lot of fancy edits to their photographs. The truth is you don’t need to apply too many edits to your food photographs. The only edits that might be necessary are adjustments to the level of brightness. Other than that, you’ll want to keep the colors and contrast in place.

People respond better to authenticity. If photographs look too doctored or edited, then people will no longer take you seriously. Show people that you are a true food enthusiast or professional by showing them real photographs of your cuisines.

8) Connect with Other Instagram Foodies

There are several popular Instagram food account holders. If you’ve posted up high-quality content in the food niche, then try connecting with these renowned foodies and see if they will share your posts or follow your channel. You could send them a message directly and ask them for help or advice.

Some Instagram foodies may be willing to help you out, while others might want you to pay them for their influencer services. It is up to you whether you wish to pay for such services. They could certainly give your food account a boost if you’re willing to spend the money.


These powerful eight tips can bring your Instagram food account to great heights. If you follow all of the tips, then you should notice results within a few months. Good luck.