Nigerians Celebrate Captain Chika, Pilot Involved In Lagos Helicopter Crash

Captain Chika
Captain Chika

Nigerians have taken to Twitter to express their pain about the death of Captain Chika, the pilot involved in the helicopter crash in Opebi, Lagos state.

Celebrating him for being a hero, the tweets are nothing but eulogies and tributes to the former pilot.

A Twitter user identified as First Doctor with the handle @DrAtangwho tweeted:

“Captain Chika involved in the Opebi helicopter crash yesterday is said to have emptied the fuel tank of his plane to avoid explosions & maneuvered it onto a fence to avoid landing on a roof top. This man looked out for others even while crashing. He deserves a hero’s honour!”

Another Twitter user identified as Ifechidere tweeted:

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“I want to celebrate this Captain Chika! He averted what would have been a bigger tragedy, emptying his fuel tank, and crashing into a wall. How many think of humanity even in their last minutes? Rest In Peace Chika! Yous served well.”

See tweets below:






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