Nigerians Defend Adele’s Choice Of Hairstyle For Notting Hill Carnival

Adele at the Notting Hill Carnival

Nigerians on Twitter have reacted to the hairstyle worn by Adele, Grammy award-winning British singer.

The music entertainer wore it for The Notting Hill Carnival which is usually held in London. They see nothing wrong with the outfit, hairstyle, and total appearance.

However, American top journalist Ernest Owens, and a few other American citizens are displeased with Adele’s actions. They accused her of cultural misappropriation.

Nigerians feel that Adele has done nothing wrong. Therefore, they have taken to Twitter to express their views.

A user identified as Qarge tweeted:

“Majority of these Black Americans are bullies. If they had the chance, they’d come to Africa to colonise Africans. What exactly is wrong with Adele styling her hair this way?”

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Ozzy Etomi tweeted:

“Lmao, keep dreaming if you think anyone is cancelling Adele. Pls pls.

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