Uche Jumbo Shades Wives Who Confront Sidechicks Instead Of Their Husbands

Uche Jumbo
Uche Jumbo

Nollywood actress, Uche Jumbo Rodriguez, is displeased with the way some wives who find out that their husbands are cheating on them go out to confront the mistress instead of their husbands.

The movie star took to her official Twitter page to share a short video clip from one of her movies with the caption:

“Nobody: not even the husband some wives confronting the sidechick instead of who they exchanged vows with”

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The award winning actress and filmmaker has also appealed to her fans to pray for Houston. Sharing a photo of herself on Instagram, she writes:

“When are we ever 100% ready for anything? Please keep Houston in your prayers”

See her Twitter post below:

Uche Jumbo’s Twitter post