Cheap gifts make no sense economically I hate them” – Actress Sylvia Oluchy

Nollywood actress, Sylvia Oluchy has stated how much she hates cheap gifts.

According to the actress, cheap gifts make no sense economically, a waste of money and leaves no sentimental gratitude. Sylvia further stated that people who get cheap gifts only smile for the moment and throw it away when the person who brought it leaves.

She Tweeted;

“I hate cheap gifts. No, this is not a bourgeoisie mentality. Cheap gifts make no sense economically. The person you are gifting it to will not appreciate it, they’ll smile, thank U and throw it away once you leave. So its just a waste of money and leaves no sentimental gratitude

If you don’t want to spend money on a gift and you’re not artistic enough to make something handmade that will be very personal and full of thought, then just buy something edible like biscuits, chocolate or icecream. Everyone loves to eat

Someone said even chocolates have grade. This is true but I bet a woman would appreciate even if it’s some bars of mars she can munch on than 500 earrings she’ll never wear. Same price”.