No matter how good you are, you can’t be enough for some people. It’s not a woman’s fault that men cheat — Singer Yemi Alade

Popular Nigerian singer, Yemi Alade has taken to social media to state that it’s never a woman’s fault that her man cheats.

According to the singer, no matter how good a woman is, she can never be good enough for men who already have cheating as a part of them.

Yemi in her tweet also faulted the society for finding it easy to blame the woman for the man’s misdoings, and tagging a woman who cheat “slut”, when the same energy is not used to reprimand a cheating husband.

She wrote,

But why is it so easy to assume its the woman’s fault when a man cheats but when a woman cheats she is a sl*t ?

“Don’t people realise that no matter how good you are,you might never be Completely enough for some people ,so they cheat. Its not your fault!”


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