Actress Ani Amatosero Says There Is SARS In Entertainment Industry

Ani Amatosero
Ani Amatosero

Nollywood actress, Ani Amatosero, has opened a can of worms in the entertainment sector. The movie star states that there is also SARS in the industry. Therefore, her colleagues in the industry should put a stop to their unwholesome activities.

Taking to her Instagram page, she writes:

“SARS IN THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR If you are a DIRECTOR, and you ask for sex before giving roles, you are worse than SARS. If you are a PRODUCER, and you owe your casts and crew and you refuse to pay, you are worse than SARS.

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If you are an ACTOR, and you scheme your way to hijack a role from your fellow actor, some will tell their marketer boyfriends names of people that will not be in the job, then your name is SARS.

If you are a PM/Director/Producer and you tell people to register under your company (after registering in AGN) and you don’t give them good jobs, you are Daddy/Mummy SARS. We need to also cleanse the ENTERTAINMENT SECTOR”

See her post below:

The actress’ post
The actress’ post


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