Brymo Explains Why He Was Silent On #EndSARS

Singer, Brymo

Nigerian singer, Olawale Oloforo Ashimi, professionally known as Brymo, has explained his silence on the trending End SARS movement that had many celebrities actively involved in the protests.

The musician had taken to his Twitter page to talk about greatness in Nigeria. He was then shut by a Twitter user who feels he did not speak up when it was necessary.

“You stayed quiet when we needed all the voices….Remain that way”

Brymo then replied:

“I will”

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A curious fan was, however, interested in the singer’s silence. “My only question is why“, the fan tweeted back.

To which Brymo’s reply reads:

“…cos most don’t truly care…. everyone is Just trying to eat. I care, I have for years, no one wants to join me in the campaign for ‘building the nation we want to see’ … everyone wants to blame someone else…and I had been talking for a minute.”

See his reply below:

The singer’s reply