Ghanaian Pastor Shaves Pubic Hair Of Female Members For Deliverance (Video)

The pastor and a female church member
The pastor and a female church member

A video circulating on social media captures the moment a Ghanaian pastor was seen shaving the hairs on the public region of female congregants.

According to GHpage, the pastor, identified as Attah told his church members in his dialect that it is a divine direction from God and he also supported his claims by quoting a scripture from the Holy Bible.

Attah stated that it is important for his members to shave their private parts and get bathed by him so that all uncleanliness in their lives will be removed.

Women were seen raising up their dresses and removing their panties in front of the controversial man of God in the viral video.

The pastor was also seen using his hands to fetch some of the hair while his assistant collected them with a white handkerchief.

Watch the video below:


  1. God have mercy. People dont read their bibles . any more so their destinies and glories are in the hands of those who clam they know the bible. Can this pastor show me the verse in the bible where this act was carried out. Remember God cannot be mocked. Accountability with God is certain if not today certainly tomorrow. My people are lost for the lack of knowledge.