Yahaya Bello offers to be the leader of #EndSars movement

Yahaya Bello, governor of Kogi state is currently trending on social media after he offered too become the leader of the #ENDSars protest.

EndSars protest has been going on for weeks now and there have been some calls that the movement should have a leader or a representative who would be able to dialogue with the Governement.

Speaking on AIT, Yahaya Bello then offered to be that voice of the protesters, he said ;

I Volunteer to be the leader that will push down all of their demands and make sure it is met.

He also urged his fellow Governors to make sure there is Law and Order in their various states.

However, his offer was vehemently opposed with Nigerians saying he is most definitely not the one that would lead them should they decide that they need a leader.

See some reactions culled from Twitter NG below:

@jeffreyetuss wrote ;

Yahaya Bello said he wants to be our leader….yahaya Bello oh my people I’m lmfao, governors are coming out to support the struggle now because they know what’s coming, werey dey disguise, don’t be fooled my people we know them WE NO GET LEADER

@talktochio wrote ;

Yahaya Bello said on AIT that he wants to become our leader and lead peaceful #EndSARS protesters to Aso rock. What an addict!

@SodiqTade ;

Thoughts and prayers are with the people of Kogi. Having Yahaya Bello as the State Governor and Buhari as President is the height of political depression. This too shall pass.

Yahaya Bello wants to lead End Sars protest. Lol
He must have mistaken the movement for ‘thugs movement’.

@funshographix ;

We banned some reasonable politician from joining the protest. Yahaya Bello is showing face. Wonder shall never end.