Fake News Epidemic About To Hit Nigeria: Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed, Minister of Information and culture, in his call for the regulation of social media, has said the next epidemic that would hit Nigeria and the entire world is fake news and misinformation.

The minister, who revealed this on Thursday in a meeting with members of the federal executive council and the national assembly, added that it would be of great benefit if the nation garners policies that would regulate the use of social media which is the main source of spreading fake news and misinformation.

Lai Mohammed said this in a meeting with some members of the federal executive council and the national assembly chaired by Hon. Olusegun Odebunmi.

According to the minister, he alongside the chairman witness and knew this since Jos 2017.

Upon this realization, the information minister said a national committee was set up and dedicated to addressing fake news and misinformation in Jos 2017.

After-which a national campaign against fake news was launched by the Federal government.




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