Woman gives #EndSARS protest organizers “24 hours” to account for how money generated for the protest has been spent

A woman took to the stage at the #EndSARS protest in Lekki to demand that those gathering money for the protests release the funds in 24 hours.

She stated that a lot of people have made donations to fund the protests but the work being done isn’t commensurate to the amount generated for the protests.

She said it’s not by sending food and water to protest grounds in major locations like Lekki. She said protesters in other locations across Nigeria should benefit from the funds too.

Her statement has divided opinions as some accuse her of trying to show seeds of discord. Other pointed out that the organizers have been transparent and have been giving account of how the money is spent.

However, some stood by her and said she’s only asking for accountability.

Below is the video and also Twitter reactions:


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