Man cancels UK trip because his girlfriend broke up with him

A Nigerian man in an emotional state carried out an irrational action in reaction to a heartbreak he suffered at the hands of his woman.

The man in question canceled a trip to the United Kingdom due to his heartbroken state.

He was scheduled to travel out on a work-related training but he did not show up on the day of the trip, hence missing the opportunity.

An analyst on Twitter shared the story which he said involved his colleague.

He added that their boss was not happy about the fact that he missed the trip which resources had gone into, so he deducted the funds expended from the affected man’s salary.

“One guy was supposed to go to UK for training, but he didn’t make it.


“He broke up with his girlfriend.

“Of course my MD was not amused, and the money was deducted from his salary,” the Twitter analyst wrote.