”Reduce your bleaching cream” – Troll Tells Dayo Amusa

Dayo Amusa, Yoruba actress has been trolled on social media by for using bleaching cream.


The actress shared a photo of herself and she highlighted her supposed ‘flawless glowing’ skin but some fans had other ideas.

Sharing the photo, she wrote:

I’ve been asked so many times my beauty routine, especially what I use on my Face, giving me my bright flawless glowing skin.

Keep up on this TL as I will be sharing some tips & introducing products used😋 Like i always love to Try & Test before attesting.

However, some fans feel the thespian is ‘Bleaching’ her skin and they advised her to reduce her cream.

One follower wrote ;

Dayo reduce your bleaching cream Oooo. You can not white like Oyinbo na. Easy Oooo skin cancer Ooo

The actress then replied ;

Worryless 😊 Problem temi niyen


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