Sexy Words To Say In Bed That Would Drive Your Partner Wild

When it comes to spicing up your sexual life, dirty talk is right at the top of everyone’s list.

Although, it’s hard to come up with sexiest things to say in bed when you’re in the moment.

Sexy Words To Say In Bed That Would Drive Your Partner Wild

Your brain seems to get all flustered. And you probably end up saying something that’s the opposite of hot and steamy.

This ruins the mood and might even make things awkward for the duration of a time that should be fun and sexy. So what’s the solution? Having some phrases up your sleeve for just that moment! You’ll be able to just remember a few sexy things to say in bed and won’t feel worried or pressured.

Here are some of the sexiest things to say in bed that would lead to the most satisfying night ever;

1. I want you now.

2. I’m so ready for you.

3. You feel so good.

4. Your body feels amazing on mine.

5. I want to taste you.

6. When you do _____, it drives me crazy.

7. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing.

8. I want you to _____ right now.

9. I love watching you go to work.

10. I want you to lay down and not move a finger. Let me do it all.

11. You’re turning me on so much right now.

12. That’s exactly what I like.

13. Grab my hair and make me love it.

14. I love it when you’re rough with me.

15. It’s so hot when you grab me.

16. Don’t stop!

17. Is that all you’ve got?

18. Show me what you can really do.

19. I’ve been waiting for this all day.

20. Get over here and pleasure me until I say you can stop.

21. I want you on me now.

22. Your hands make my body ache for you.

23. Do you remember how much I screamed last time? Make me do that again.

24. If you really want to turn me on, just touch me here. *Guide them in the right direction*

25. You have a magical way with your tongue.

26. Do you like that?

27. Tell me what you want.

28. I’m the boss tonight.

29. You really know what you’re doing.

30. I want you to come for me.


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