‘Speaking In Tongues Will Not Replace The Apology You Owe People’, Alibaba Knocks Christians


Popular stand-up comedian, Alibaba has come for Christians who speak in tongues but are hostile towards people. According to the veteran, it is not enough apology for their wrongdoings which include selfishness, backbiting and pride.

The comedian cum actor took to his Instagram page to share his thoughts thus:

“Speaking in tongues will not replace the apology you owe people in English!! You are quarrelling with people. Backbiting friends. Creating divisions. Cheating customers.

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Breaking families. Bearing false witnesses. Never generous. Bitter to people. Refuse to pay loans. Treat subordinate like trash. Spread falsehood. Selfish. Yet… you can speak in tongues”

See his post below:

The comedian’s post
The comedian’s post



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