Sprite Migrates From Iconic Green Bottles To Clear Plastic Bottles

2 November 2020, Lagos, Nigeria: In a bid to promote greater recyclability of its bottles, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited has announced that its Sprite bottles will be moving from the iconic green plastic packaging to clear plastic packaging, effective November 2, 2020.

Since its launch in 1958, Sprite has always sported a signature green bottle. Now the brand is evolving from its iconic green colour packaging to a clear, new look, in line with its mission to reduce its carbon footprint not only in Nigeria but also across the world.

Speaking on the new look, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, Abiodun Ajiborode explained, “For us at Coca-Cola, clear is better and we’re working to slowly phase out our colored packaging for the all new clear bottles as they are easier to recycle. By 2030, for every bottle or can the Coca-Cola System sells, we aim to help take one back so that our bottles have more than one life. To achieve this ambitious goal, the Coca-Cola System is actively working with all stakeholders to ensure we meet this”.

The transition of Sprite’s plastic bottles from green to transparent bottles is part of the company’s “World Without Waste” vision which ensures that more of its bottles are collected and recycled into other products.

Coloured recyclable plastics, as confirmed by industry experts, are harder to recycle and have much more limited use as compared to clear plastics. Because of this, the transition of Sprite to clear plastic packaging ensures that its bottles are easier to recycle. This development not only benefits the immediate environment within which the company resides but also poses material benefits for informal waste reclaimers due to the higher valuation placed on clear plastics in comparison with darker plastic colours.

Coca-Cola has, indeed, demonstrated its commitment to ensuring a reduction in its carbon footprint across the country, by awarding over $1,000,000 through its philanthropic arm, The Coca-Cola Foundation, to multiple NGOs in Nigeria for the execution of locally relevant and adaptable programs to address the issue of environmental wellness while engendering environmentally-friendly habits amongst residents.

Also speaking on this exciting transition, the Public Affairs, Communication and Sustainability Manager, Coca-Cola Nigeria Limited, Nwamaka Onyemelukwe explained, “We understand that Nigeria has a plastic waste problem and we are committed to playing a significant role in solving this through our World Without Waste initiative. While Sprite has always had its unique green packaging which consumers are no doubt used to, we decided to make the transition to clear bottles to signal that our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint is stronger than ever”.

According to the company, the previous version of the product will continue to be on shelves during the transition period from October to December. However, this process might be extended due to the current global situation.

With its presence in over 190 countries, including Nigeria, Sprite’s new clear look includes a see-through bottle, refreshed icon of the brand’s bold and iconic Sprite ‘spark’ with a distinct label and bright green cover.