Don’t Reject A Loving Woman Because She Is Ugly – Omokri

People’s Democratic Party Chieftain, Reno Omokri, has advised Nigerian men against rejecting a loving woman because of her looks.


Omokri, in an open letter to men, added that what they see as ugliness is usually poverty and heartbreak.

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Omokri further said that a man would be amazed to find out that when circumstances change, the woman he terms ugly would undergo an impressive transformation without bleaching or surgery.

He said: ”Dear men,

”Don’t reject a loving woman because she is ugly. What you see as ugliness is usually poverty and heartbreak. They draw out ugliness.

When her circumstances change, you will be amazed at her transformation, without bleaching or surgery. Give her a chance.

”Don’t reject a juicy orange because It is green. You may just end up with a yellow orange without juice. Instead, work on that juicy orange until it ripens.”

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