“No Matter How Long I Crossdress, I Will Always Be A Man” – James Brown

James Brown
Upcoming cross-dresser, James Brown

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown Obialor has once again assured his fans that he is not changing his gender identity.

The self-proclaimed “princess of Africa” shared a couple of photos of himself via Instagram on Saturday.

Obialor rocked a yellow hoodie along with a pair of white joggers in the photo. The dancer also had on a face full of make up and he decorated his hands with henna.

In the caption of the post, he noted that no matter how long he dresses as a woman, he would always pick being a man.

The crossdresser wrote;

“No matter how long I Cross dress as woman no matter the Breast the hips With big bum bum.

“I will always come back to my wood,” he captioned the photos.

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See his post below:

The crossdresser’s post
The crossdresser’s post


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