Pastor Timi Adigun Publicly Apologizes After Being Accused Of Sexually Molesting Teenagers In His Church

Pastor Timi Adigun
Pastor Timi Adigun

Pastor Timi Adigun of MINE Teenage Ministry has finally spoken out after being accused of sexual assault and misconduct.

The leader of the Ark Church released a statement in which he responded to the allegations levied against him.

Ironically, Adigun is in charge of the teenage ministry, an offshoot of his church, encourages sexual purity and even has a yearly “virginity day”.

However, the pastor was accused of indulging in inappropriate sexual acts with his female teenage members for years.

Journalist, Akan Imoh also called out the pastor, noting that he and others investigated the accusations and everyone they spoke to “confirmed” the story.

The clergyman, in his statement, admitted to his wrong-doings and he tendered an unreserved apology to people, who are hurt by his actions.

Although, the pastor stated that “there was no sexual intercourse with any” of the girls and “none was a minor.”

The clergyman revealed that his wife was not aware of his actions.

Read his full apology and also the accusations made by Mine Teenage Ministry on Twitter below:


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