Reviewing Prophet Elvis’ 2020 prophecies

The 2010 Fifa World Cup was the first to be held on the African continent. Spain won it thereby becoming only the second nation to win football’s most coveted trophy off its continent, the other being Brazil. It featured a catalogue of football’s who-is-who. Yet among the enduring talking points of this World Cup, is a certain prophetic cephalopod named Paul the Octopus.

The creature sprung to global fame having rightly predicted eight out of eight matches including the final between Netherlands and Spain. Since then, the octopus has been a subject of a documentary, books, toys and sheer fascination.

Its peculiar powers were not only uncommon among its ilk but humans as well. And it’s this mystical ability to correctly foretell events at a globally unmatched frequency and consistency that makes Uganda’s Prophet Elvis Mbonye an enigma, leading to various monikers most famous of them being Mr. Future.


He recently published a 49-minute video on his youtube channel

capturing the prophecies that have come to pass this year that will leave any unbiased observer in awe of both the frequency and precision that is often reserved for a surgeon’s scalpel. He trudged various continents foretelling various aspects such as the global pandemic, the US elections, the European economic crisis, Boris Johnson’s romantic life among others.

Corona Virus Pandemic:

One of the most astounding prophecies that have came to pass this year was one he foretold in 2018 about the year 2020. This prophecy is a behind the scenes exposé of what the year 2020 has been all about, beyond what has been beamed before us.

“I saw secrets of the governments of this world, working in unison behind the scenes secretly and the year 2020 was marked out when they want all things in control, to submit them to the God of this world,” Prophet Elvis says in part.
On why he never explicitly detailed what this year has turned out to be, the Prophet says that; “When prophecy comes there’re elements about it that may not be clearly understood until the time of its fulfillment, like it was spoken to Daniel by God (Daniel 12:8-9).”

Other prophecies related to the pandemic include one where Prophet Elvis saw “the name Yiga in the news.” This turned out to be the late controversial pastor Augustine Yiga, who made national news when he was remanded in prison for disputing the existence of the corona virus in Uganda and in Africa. Speculation about his health and eventual death also attracted national media attention.

The Prophet also foretold the coming of a renowned scholar in the country that would “bear with him a lot of controversy and drama.” This was Professor Sarfaraz Niazi, who rose to overnight infamy due to claims that he had found a cure for covid 19 and was willing to patent it to Uganda, according to his local confidant the speaker of the parliament of Uganda Hon. Rebecca Kadaga.

Prophet Elvis also cryptically foretold the 14-day quarantine period decreed by numerous countries as a measure to combat the corona virus pandemic. In the actual prophecy, he says, “It’s an individual I’m seeing, and it’s about this nation still. I saw someone being taken on a sick-leave. It’s not something to rejoice about. And it will be for a long time, it will be like 2 weeks.”

Explaining this prophecy, he states that; “It is important to note that there’s a time when prophecy comes in part. Scripture says, ‘for we know in part and prophecy in part -1Cor.13:9-10.’ And then it says ‘but when that which is complete comes, then we shall know.’ It’s important to note that when prophecy comes in part, it invites us to study it (1Peter 1:10-12).”

Biden’s health

Away from the pandemic, among the prophecies that came to pass was one given on July 30, 2013 about the then US Vice President Joe Biden, whose concealed health issues became a subject of major news during the US election campaigns.

Kamala Harris

Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as a running mate in the US presidential elections was also foretold by Prophet Elvis on January 7th, 2020. During a prophetic encounter he described as bizarre and baffled him, Prophet Elvis revealed that he felt a feminine presence that was the main influence over the Democratic Party and it was not Hilary Clinton.

In regard to these and many other prophecies that came to pass, Prophet Elvis draws the public to the significance of this supernatural manifestation; “The prophecies are signs to certain things. When a prophecy comes to pass then you can believe in the Lord your God and be established and believe in His prophet and you shall prosper (2Chronicles 20:20).”

Concluding that; “The future always exonerates the prophet. And history will tell you that the prophet who was the villain of his time is the hero of the future.”

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