Bad Governance Responsible For Calls For Restructuring: Jega

Bad Governance Responsible For Calls For Restructuring, Says Jega
Attahiru Jega

Former Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, has expressed that bad governance is responsible for the call for the restructuring of Nigeria.

Jega stated this at the 18th Daily Trust Dialogue with the theme: ‘Restructuring in Nigeria: Why? How? When?’

He said, “After a critical evaluation of the benefits versus the costs of each of these notions of restructuring, I believe that the starting point of desirable and serious, even realistic, restructuring is equitable redistribution of power and resources from the Federal Government to the sub-national governments.

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The former INEC chairman, however, noted that changing the current structure and going back to the pre-1966 regional structure, the 12 states of 1976/77 or making use of six geo-political regions are unrealistic.

He stated, “The social and political costs of such an undertaking would by far outweigh the benefits. In many fundamental respects, creation of states has gone a long way to mitigate real and imagined/perceived marginalisation of minorities.”


  1. Jega was one of the major actors responsible for Naija’s present woes. Jonathan’s major contestant in the 2025 elections was not actually PMB but Jega the INEC chairman. Manipulations started during registration. Perceived opponents were frustrated from registering particularly in Lagos state.
    Jonathan made the greatest mistake of unseating Jega before the election. Jega is a Fulani and PMB is also a Fulani.
    A lot of water passed through the table. Jonathan’s mistakes became PMB’s gain.
    So, Jega lacks the locus standi to tell Naija the reasons for the clamour for restructuring. He is and will be remembered as part of the reasons for the escalated clamour. He should go and sit down.


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